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Little Sprouts Storytime

Look up above and what do you see? Stars! Miss Alissa will read "Mae Among the Stars" and "Stars" today as well as share music and a craft. Great for ages 3-5.

Little Blossoms Storytime

Do you call your loved ones Grandma and Grandpa? Or, maybe Mimi and Papa? That's right, today is all about grandparents! Miss Sonya will read "Go Grandpa Go!" and "Go Grandma Go!" as well as share a song and activities.

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Spotlight On: STEAM

Slime Time

Join us for Slime Time! During this program, Miss Amanda will teach how to make Zebra Slime at home using simple ingredients such as water, glue, liquid starch and food coloring. Have fun!


NASA Kid's Club

Welcome to NASA Kids’ Club – a place to play games and learn about NASA!

STEAM: Space Exploration

Explore space through the sciences of STEAM available through Hoopla Digital!

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Fox Tales and Tails

Join us for a very special tale about a fox and his box. After the story, Miss Andrea demonstrates how to make a fox tail and ears headband. Great for ages 8-12.

Beaded Lizard Buddies

It's time to have some fun with beads! Miss Jenna shares instructions on how to make a beaded lizard buddy out of pony beads and ribbon. You can make different sizes and colors of buddies - it's up to you. Be sure to take pictures and share them with us!

Animal Crafts

Welcome back to Animal Crafts. Today, Miss Raven will share instructions on how to make a squirrel out of pipe cleaners. Supplies needed for the craft will be a part of the Activity Kit #4 available to be picked up July 19-31 at the Houston Branch.

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