Obituary & Article Requests

Looking for an obituary or article from a local Springfield newspaper, but you live outside of Springfield, Ohio? Clark County Public Library's local history staff can help. 

Here is what you need to know:

  • Requests can be made through the website (form below) or by mail to:
           Genealogy/Local History
           Clark County Public Library
           201 S. Fountain Ave.
           Springfield, Ohio 45506 
  • We have local Springfield newspapers on microfilm dating back to 1860. Use the Ohio Obituary Index to find obituary dates. The Library charges $2.50 per name for obituary look-ups. Look-ups will be done even if the name is not found in the index, as long as you have a death date. The same fees apply. 
  • We normally send obituaries out by postal mail, however you may choose to receive the obituary by email attachment (jpg of pdf), if requested. 
  • The charge for look-ups is $2.50 per name for obituaries or $2.50 per article for other newspaper articles. The fee includes postage. 
  • All requests for obituaries or articles will require pre-payment.

Obituary & Article Requests

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