Favorite Places to Read

Humans are creatures of habit - we wake up every day around the same time, listen to the same radio station on the way to work, eat lunch at the same place (or pack the same meal), have an evening routine after work. When it comes to reading, I have certain places where I like to do it, and sometimes it depends on the season. 

During the summer, one spot would be the Adirondack chair on my back patio because the arms are big enough to hold a cold beverage and even a snack to consume while reading. Or if it's a bit too hot to be in the direct sunlight, I'll sit on the rickety rocking chair on the front porch in the shade.

A birthday present to myself this year is a new favorite place - a hammock swing in the backyard. It has the shade of the oak tree on warm days, but it envelopes me like a cocoon on days with a cool breeze.

There are two spots inside, however, that are good most days throughout the year. One of them is on my bed, which does have its drawbacks. If I'm sprawled out on my stomach reading, I will often have a furry visitor who tries to help me hold my book. And if I lounge back against the headboard, any number of furry visitors are sure to perch on my lap, making sure that I don't leave for a long period of time (that isn't always a bad thing!)

The second year-round favorite is at the end of the couch. The high arm is the perfect place to rest a mug of tea or hot chocolate (or, again, a furry one). And there's always a cozy throw on the back of the couch that will likely be utilized while reading, year round (I'm a lover of warm weather, so air conditioning is like winter to me!).

If I am not in one of these spots, you likely won't find me reading.

So....where are your favorite places to read?